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So I log on to Facebook from Tuesday all through to Thursday and my timeline is jammed with this megastoon link and everyone is saying how lucrative the link is just by clicking on it. Having been on the internet for 8 years, I take the “information” with a grain of salt and Google “is Megastoon a Scam”? Well, the results on Google were overwhelming to say the least. Most of the online gurus have written so many reviews about Megastoon and all other scam websites where you are supposed to click and earn, just like that without breaking a sweat.

So I head back to facebook and one of the ladies in one of the many groups we have subscribed to has shared the link and asks us to click “for her” to get new likes. Well I asked if it was genuine and she was like a friend of myn has already been paid so definitely it is something genuine… but even if it was not, I am a risk taker and I just want to try it out. I wish her all the best and tell her once she is paid I would be glad to see the check cos man, I will hate myself for the rest of my life if I spent 8 years breaking my back if I can earn as much as $1500 a week by simply clicking on a link and referring friends.

Fast forward to Thursday and my dear friend provides an update, she has already hit the $1500 mark and waiting for her cash to come in. Problem is, while the site claims to disburse the funds after 2 days of reaching the $1000 mark, her account indicates her payment is pending and that she will be paid on the 29//2013 meaning the month is indefinite.

And that is when reality hit, Megastoon was a scam. As a matter of fact, the buzz it had received in the past week since Tuesday was due to one of my tribesmate “S Evelynn Simaloi” who was coming out on her HIV status and giving an illustration of how fast HIV/AIDS spreads in Kenya, and pretty much everywhere in the world today. People are too blinded by the $$$ that they do not take the time to verify how genuine or reliable something/someone is before plunging in.

Well, Simaloi that was a point perfectly driven home… you really enlightened us on that issue and kudos for creating awareness on HIV/AIDS by sharing your story of how you are living and surviving with the condition.

To all those who would love to earn a decent living on the internet, stop procrastinating. Nothing comes easily on the internet… pretty much like everywhere else in the world today. You have to be ready to work extra hard and dedicate your time and effort in whatever you are doing. Avoid these easy-get-rich-quick online scams cos all you are doing is driving traffic to the website and with “free traffic’ to the site the site owner earns thousands of dollars each month.

Stop procrastinating; stop wasting your valuable time sharing the megastoon link cos you are simply enriching someone by driving unlimited traffic to their website. Rest assured, though, that it is possible to make money online in Kenya, but not as easy as it has been portrayed. If you want to get started in making a living online, hit me up and we can discuss some more.



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  1. … and those who think they know spread the word ruining every opportunity out there. We used to work for londonbrokers and another site (which most of you are yet to know). We were few, the jobs were sufficient, then BAM! one day someone shared the link to londonbrokers, people joined all over, jobs disappeared and the site started closing existing accounts for flimsy reasons like one being a non-native! (luckily the other one is still not very public yet n we can continue to reap).

    • Hey John, i signed up to London Brokers like 7 years ago and my account has never been closed simply because of the good quality work i chun out every day. Now, about sharing the link, i believe we should give everyone an opportunity to make money online by sharing information rather than withholding information.. i mean if you have been on the internet long enough, i think you should now be doing something “better” than article writing, say blogging,affiliate marketing etc. That shows some level of growth… and dont be afraid to share information…whatever God has put instore for you will still be yours! And just to share some information with you (in the spirit of sharing), forget about freelancing sites, well paying article writing jobs are in forums! Yes, forums… that is where you get the real webmasters leave alone these brokers, and you get an article going up to $10 per 500 words. If you want me to introduce you to the forums i have used successfully, hit my inbox and i will gladly do so, free of charge! 🙂 have a good one!

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