It is 3:00p.m. on Monday afternoon, am in this cafeteria busy browsing through Facebook and twitter to see what is happening “out there” as I wait for Njeri to serve me and suddenly I see Pastor James Okumu’s call. He goes like, “naserian, I want to pull a fast one on you, would you mind starting your show tomorrow?”. See, I had already met Pastor Jammo like twice before, and we agreed I am starting my show on Family Radio 316, where the music does the talking, officially on 7th of October. There is a show every Tuesday called Tech

  A lot has been happening at the Viportal Forex trader’s offices in the past two weeks. Ever since news started making rounds on social media and even in main stream media that the company is defrauding people of their hard-earned cash in broad-day light, (oooooh you didn’t read about that, check it out here and here), investors who had invested with them have been praying day and night that they wake up from the nightmare (too bad it is a reality).  As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, anywhere lies appear on the same line with the

  I told you here that Viportal is a Huge scam, and most of you were very quick to say i was spreading malice… Now, CBK has intervened! A company posing as an international entity is suspected to have swindled investors over Sh182 million through a pyramid scheme. Hundreds of depositors with the forex trading company risk losing millions of shillings after anti-financial fraud detectives pounced on its officials for operating an allegedly illegal pyramid scheme. On Friday, Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) detectives raided the company offices at Limuru and arrested three top officials who were later arraigned at

Following my previous post on Viportal, I have received hundreds of emails asking me to clarify on what a legitimate Forex Trading Manager or Forex trading company does. Are there any tell-tale signs that the deal is too good to be true? Here are some of the things that should point you to the right direction when it comes to Forex Trading. Never Send any Money to a Company or Agent – Deposit Directly to Your Account As I mentioned in my previous post, money can easily evaporate in thin air if deposited directly into a “company’s” or a trader’s

A lot has been going on in Kenya in terms of saving money and doubling or even tripling the savings in a matter of days. From the days of Deci to Bullish Trade and now the Viportal “forex trading” scheme which seems to0 attractive, many people have really “saved money” in the hope of harvesting where they did not plant. Am yet to find any lucratrive investment opportunity where you get to only invest a small amount of money and earn three or four times your investment without selling any product or service. To me, this always be a pyramid

Over the course of my one year ever since i started training in online jobs Kenya, i have come across hundreds of people asking me all sorts of questions regarding the different forms of making money online in Kenya. While i have always laid much emphasis on article writing (of course because the returns are almost instantaneously compared to other forms of marketing). Today i want to dedicate this article to all my students who are making over 50k from articles, and want to get started in Affiliate Marketing i.e. selling products and services online. The Basics When Getting Started

I know this has been long overdue. I have always said I will do a post on all the reviews people have left after having successfully completed my training course and started earning. The thing is, I have been very very very busy with classwork, my side hustle jobo, my main writing job and blogging, and yes, motherhood. Even so, I know I owe you my faithful readers testimonials of all those who have made it and have started making money online in Kenya, so here we go. Do you need any more evidence that you too can make a

Well, well, well, the new year is already 15 days old…., so definitely this post is long overdue. But I still have to do it coz’ I owe all of you a lot for 2013. I want to thank all of you for reading this blog. 2013 was a very successful year in terms of the number of people who signed up for the online training sessions for online jobs in Kenya. Most of the people that I trained in online jobs have already started working and are making great and huge progress on the same. Some are still trying

If you have been contemplating cashing in on the internet but you lack the time, the set of skills required, and/or the motivation to get started with an internet based enterprise, you shouldn’t be discouraged as there are many ways you can make money online and earn a decent living. Once you set your mind to do it, you wouldn’t even need any startup capital so you can start to earn, all you really need to have is to be ready and dedicated to offer high quality services as required and you will be smiling all the way to the

Overview I have had many people ask me how to come up with How-to articles when they are starting out their blog. Even if you are writing at a professional capacity for your clients, you can always write impressive how-to articles by following these guidelines. Topics that you can research and write about are endless; there are also many styles which you can apply. The articles should be flawless and captivating. Most Internet users like articles on How-to and it’s the best way of advertising your work. Generally, articles on how-to are a manual for users on how to do